Hibachi Chicken & Steak

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24 hour marinated Bistro Filet and all white meat chicken breast prepared Hibachi style. Served with our House Fried Rice, sautéed zucchini & onions and topped with sesame seeds.
Accompanied by our famous Yum-Yum sauce and Ginger Sauce. It’s our #1 seller for a reason!

Allergens: Egg, Milk, Soy, Sesame

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Cooking Instructions

Thaw completely if frozen. Remove plastic cover and recover with foil. Bake at 375°F for approximately 25-35 minutes.

Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Hibachi Chicken & Steak

  1. dwccsc (verified owner)

    Very tasty and plenty of meat
    Sauces add to the flavor

  2. SandiSmith29 (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure I was going to really like it but then I added the yum yum sauce and it was wonderful. I can not wait to order it again. So Gooooood!

  3. KellyB (verified owner)

    Love this dish? Great flavors!

  4. Grace Bidanset (verified owner)

    The steak was perfectly cooked so than when reheated it still had some pink to it, and both it and the chicken were tender, plentiful and delicious. Would love an extra veggie option!

  5. Michelle Cooke (verified owner)

    This is really delicious and so easy to heat up!

  6. griendel (verified owner)

    This is always in our cart and we find it the best entre that they sell.

  7. Anne Brister (verified owner)

    This is my favorite Donovan’s Dish. Flavor is fantastic and love the Yum yum and Ginger sauces.

  8. Sandi Smith (verified owner)

    I order this before the pandemic and have not ordered it in a little while. I was craving it so much I couldn’t wait any longer. That 1st bite, so hot so delicious, OMGooness! All I can say is Thank u, Thank u, Thank u. It was so good. I enjoyed every morsel. As I work through the week this is so convenient and so good. Thank u Jill for providing this wonderful product and service as a senior that can’t leave their house, this is a wonderful option. I am about to order more because I just used my last one, I have to stock up. If u are thinking of ordering this it is a very solid choice and the yum yum is the perfect topping. Thank u Jill! Thank u staff. Have wonderful holidays. Sincerely, Sandi Smith

  9. Caroline Troullis (verified owner)

    My favorite so far! Yumyum sauce was a great addition

  10. Kate Seracino Williams (verified owner)

    This is delicious, but does take much longer to heat up than the instructions

    • Christine Sossi (verified owner)

      Try transferring to a glass baking dish next time you try this dish. Heating will take less time and be a little more thorough. Enjoy!

  11. Joe Smith (verified owner)

    The meats are perfect. Rice is a little soggy for my liking. Flavor was pretty good wished it came with extra soy sauce.

  12. Jennifer Wheeler (verified owner)

    Even my picky 6yo liked it!!

  13. Gina Smith (verified owner)

    One of our favorite entrees, great flavors!

  14. Kathryn Boulus (verified owner)

    Lots of great flavor and high protein – we are fans!

  15. Theodore Aron (verified owner)

    My son loves this one. He requests it every time.

  16. dasouz84 (verified owner)

    Good portion size and full of meat.

  17. Mackenzie Mills (verified owner)

    So conflicted on this rating! My dad loved it but I thought it was just okay. The yum yum sauce and ginger taste so different from the same sauces I’ve had before I didn’t bother using it, almost like they were kind of sour. After following the cooking instructions the rice didnt taste fully cooked so I popped it in the microwave and that helped. I would maybe reorder this.

  18. Tonita Overby (verified owner)

    This was a wonderful dish and plenty for 2 people. Lots of flavor. I would like to have had more onions in my dish. I love onions. The containers are packed full, so reheating time is much longer than the suggested times on the package.

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