Smoked Pulled Pork

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Pork butt, our Signature Rub, smoked for 10 hours. Served with Eastern NC sauce!

1 quart

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Cooking Instructions

Thaw completely if frozen. Remove from container and heat on low until hot.

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Smoked Pulled Pork

  1. April Wilson (verified owner)

    Totally on board with the pulled pork… I added GEORGES BBQ sauce to this… Amazing. YUM.

  2. April Wilson (verified owner)

    wanted to add… can u guys make some vinegar based coleslaw to go with this? That would be great!

  3. dwccsc (verified owner)

    Decent barbeque, some slaw and buns would be a great addition.

  4. Grace Bidanset (verified owner)

    Exactly what I want from NC style bbq. I agree with the other reviewer – would love a slaw/buns meal package option.

  5. Jacqueline Vanderbilt (verified owner)

    Flavorful and plentiful! Great by itself or on a sandwich!

  6. Marilyn knowles (verified owner)

    Great taste. We don’t usually use buns, so that was not a problem.

  7. sbirdsong (verified owner)

    Very good, tangy but not too strong. I would have liked some sauce to serve with it (generally I only keep Western style BBQ sauce on hand). And I agree with other reviewers that the meal option with slaw and buns would be great, making it a complete meal for home or to take in to someone.

  8. nathannorman (verified owner)

    Good tasting BBQ, and a great value. I think I had 4 sandwiches out of one container and still had some left over. Like other reviewers I really wish this came with the option to add BBQ sauce (sweet and/or vinegar based), buns and slaw. I would order it more often if I didn’t have to buy those separately.

  9. Lisa Burney (verified owner)

    I like the fact that we can add our own favorite style of sauce, since I’m from the southwest part of NC and my husband is from the eastern part. We are a house divided on the preferred sauce! There is enough for four servings, easily. I don’t need a package with buns and slaw, I can get those at any grocery store.

  10. Brittany Long (verified owner)

    This was delicious. My husband got 2 lunches out of it and then we got a dinner out of it. We added Hawaiian rolls, MP bbq sauce, and easy homemade slaw. This will definitely be a bi-weekly staple.

  11. Joanne Collins (verified owner)

    A winner! Moist and full of flavor!

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